Bluedoor Advisors
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We are an independent outfit; small, nimble and not tied to any large broker or finance house. This enables us to provide truly unbiased and independent advice.

From sourcing the deal at the outset, we see ourselves has having an ongoing key role as the client’s representative to oversee not just the acquisition, but throughout the development process. We work very closely with leading agents, lawyers, banks, accountants, architects, planning consultants, construction management teams and quantity surveyors.





Property Search


Both Richard and Anthony have many years experience in the prime London and country markets. We aim to make sure that you are first to hear about new opportunities and we excel at sourcing interesting options in what is a complex and opaque marketplace. Our advice is detailed and granular and enables our clients to make an informed decision, being aware of the all the pertinent positives and negatives and their corresponding impact on value.




Investment Advisory

Our approach is tailored to our clients' individual investment goals. We believe we have an expert 'nose for a deal’ to make sure our clients secure the right deal at the right price.  




Team Assembly

A key value-add that we bring is to introduce the best and most suitable partners and professionals for our clients to work with to deliver the project. We have excellent relationships across the full gamut of professionals and experts to deliver all types of projects, large and small.




Client Representative

At all times we see our key role as representing our clients’ interests ‘on the ground’ and will make sure that they receive the best advice and aim to achieve the best possible deal for them.